Our pizzas are cooked in an 800° stone hearth oven with the characteristic rustic char of old world Sicily. Made in the traditional Sicilian style with local northwest organic ingredients intended for nourishment of mind, body and spirit. 

Al  Forno opened as a food cart in downtown 

Portland in 2007. We use old world recipes handed down from Francesco Ferruzza’s  hometown in Castellana Sicula, Sicily. 

Three generations of the Ferruzza family are now here in Rhododendron to continue their tradition of 

authentic hot oven Sicilian thin crust pizza. 

Enjoy your delicious moments!

Bulk Goods

Pure Maple syrup $50 a gallon $20 quart $10 pint

Organic Flour $1 a pound

Dough by the 16 ounce ball $4

Sauce by the quart $10

Meatballs by the dozen $25

Organic Cheese by the pound $6

Tirimisu by the pan $40

Reggiano cheese $20 a pound

Natural Pepperoni $10 a pound